A list for Wednesday

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Things that I find it ridiculously hard say no to even when I probably should. A list: – croissants – another cup of coffee – peanut butter, almond butter, sun butter – corn chips and guacamole – tiny things (tiny donuts, tiny chocolates, tiny pastries) – chocolate – sweet potato fries

Things I will miss, a list.

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Cheap good avocados, reliably The way that people say ‘que hermosa!’ and ‘mira! que bonita‘ all the time when they see Mika How the people from the local store always scoop Mika up the second we walk in and play with her til we leave How around 5pm when the sun is low, kids play around the streets Sunday lunches with …

Wonderful Monday. A List

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Things that have made today wonderful: Ivan learning to juggle. It’s hilarious and wonderful and brings so much delight. Making applesauce for our breakfast. Making vege broth for our dinner. Soaking nuts for tomorrow’s breakfast. Delicious homemade chai with our oats. Walking, long and slow. In near unbearable heat. Brainstorming while baby sleeps. Afternoon play in our new paddling pool. …

5 things + a song

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5 things that made me smile today. Plus a song I like. an egg on toast after a weekend of not eating shorts & singlets & sunglasses baby passport photos shoulder rides black coffee in the sun with 2 lovely girls