Bad words

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New Zealand breeds trusting people. I’m sure of it. I know that bad things happen, but deep down i feel like things must always turn out OK. Especially for the good people. And surely there’s always something someone can do to make sure that at the end of the day, everyone is treated fairly – right? Maybe I’ve been watching …

being sick

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I’ve been disgustingly sick over the past 4 days. It’s the first time I’ve been proper sick since Mika was born and woah does life get tough when a mama is sick. On Wednesday morning after a night of fever, sweats, headache and body ache, Ivan gently woke me up: ‘I’m leaving for work now love.’ And I freaked out. …

christmas gifts.

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What sort of Christmas presents do you buy for your loved ones?  Do you buy them practical, thoughtful things they might actually need (but haven’t/can’t/don’t buy for themselves)?  Or do you go in search of something that they would never expect?  Or do you make homemade gifts of no use?  Or practical homemade gifts that they could use? From what …

wifi in auckland sucks

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finding amazing coffee easily Vancouver: 0 Auckland: 1 finding free wifi in cafes easily Vancouver: 1 Auckland: 0 yesterday we went to roasted addiction in kingsland because we heard they had free wifi.  well, they do.  BUT it’s 20MB of wifi with each purchase.  20MB last about an hour.  not cool auckland, not cool.