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M was the first to get sick and we were right in the middle of moving house. The poor wee thing had to sit in her carseat as i drove between houses moving things during the day and occasionally had to haul her out and lie her on blankets in the living room while i cleaned and organised.

And then on thursday night i started feeling funny. And on friday morning we took m to the allergy doctor and she was so brave as the nurse tested her back with over 20 different suspected allergens. And by the end of her appointment we knew that she is badly allergic to milk, eggs, peanuts, fish, walnuts, cashews and dust but not allergic to soy or almonds or wheat (phewf) and i was shivering with a fever.

I spent the weekend in bed. And monday in bed. And m would come in and check on me and say ‘mami i love you, do you need some medicine?’ and ‘mami, i brought you a tissue’ and just over and over, ‘mami, i love you’. Which is possibly the best thing to hear when i’m feeling sick, right? And because looking after your child when you are that sick is the worst thing in the world, i am so happy to be close to friends who aren’t sick who can help out. and grateful for good easy movies like this one.

and now i am over being sick. not physically over it (unfortunately), but emotionally i need to get back out there. there’s only so many books i can read, SVU reruns i can watch and times i can blow my nose or choke on my coughing before i just want to GO FOR A RUN or DO A HANDSTAND or SOMETHING.

i suppose the good thing about being sick is that it puts everything back into perspective. as soon as i can’t do something for whatever reason, i feel like it’s the universe’s way of ensuring i never take it for granted.

my next run is going to feel amazing.

The weekend before we moved in. No-one was sick here!

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o christmas tree

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The best thing about living in America (besides, you know, all those other best things) is that we get to have a winter christmas. And winter christmas to me means things like mulled wine, hot cocoa, ice rinks, big warm coats, christmas lights by 430pm, the potential of snow and CUTTING DOWN OUR OWN PINE TREE.

I had no idea how environmentally friendly such an activity was, but a quick google search of ‘how bad is it to cut down your own christmas tree’ promptly quelled my fears. Then i read this and realised that of course it can’t be all good to be chopping down trees every year and so maybe we won’t make a habit of it, but this is the first time i’ve ever done something like this, it’s ivan’s first EVER real christmas tree and obviously it’s a first for mika too. SO. it happened. we went to this pretty magical place called ‘trinity tree farms‘ and if you live in the seattle area and you ever wonder ‘where is the best place to cut down my own christmas tree?’ – this is it.

and santa even showed up! mika informed him that she would like ‘a bear’ for christmas as well as ‘a baby’. she was so, so excited to see santa. when i told her that he had come all the way from the north pole, she laughed and said ‘mama that’s so funny’. and she squeezed my hand extra tight as we walked towards him. so sweet.

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lazy beautiful

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Our weekend was lazy, ordinary and wonderful in its non-eventfulness. And now here are more pictures than you would probably care for, but i borrowed a camera from a friend and had a lot of fun.

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“It’s not just about ‘point A and then point B’” she said, “it’s also about the journey from point A to point B.”

My yoga teacher was trying to get us to move from warrior 2 into half moon pose without pushing off our back foot. It’s actually pretty hard to get there without pushing off, but i think her point was to just pay attention to the transition, the journey, between the two poses.

Since we haven’t had a car for our entire time in Seattle, I find that I am constantly aware of transitions. When it takes 20 minutes to walk to the supermarket with a toddler, there’s no such thing as pushing off from point A to point B. If I don’t relish the journey (AKA stopping at every rose, every kitty cat, every interesting rock) then I’d be spending a lot of time stressing out.

Now that the rain has arrived in full force, we have decided to get a car. What would usually be a meandering 20 minutes each way to the supermarket will now be a 2 minute drive in the rain.

So I will try to pay attention to the adorable conversations Mika and I are starting to have. (“Owie mama!” “Oh, what happened my love?” “I hurt my finger” “Oh no!” “It’s ok mama, it happens”)

I will try to pay attention to the glorious colors that surround us right now as the leaves turn from green to bright orange, yellow and red. The transition from summer into fall is my favourite transition of them all.

Almost one year ago, stopping to enjoy the journey in a pile of leaves.

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A Birthday Party

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