Mar 26

january 5, 2013

We never even thought we’d get married. but then ivan proposed when we were visiting wellington and i said yes and before we knew it we were living in seattle and asking our closest friends and family to fly around the world to stand by our sides.

and they did!

we rented a home that slept 20 overlooking the puget sound in olympia washington and we spent a week there with friends and family leading up to the wedding.

our food was prepared by the amazing chef sarah, our gorgeous cakes and pies were made by the amazing crystal, all our hair and makeup was done by beautiful carly and the incredible photos you see below were taken by Jaquilyn and Travis – a gorgeous couple that we found on amanda’s blog.

the people in these pictures flew across the world for us. they decorated, they made flowers, they bought groceries, they looked after mika, they played music, they took photos, they skinny dipped, they partied EVERY NIGHT, they said speeches and they reminded us that we have an entire community who love us.

it’s something awesome to say vows to each other. it’s something entirely indescribable to say them infront of your closest friends and family. i’d highly recommend the experience if you are unsure.

love to everyone who was involved and also to everyone who couldn’t make it but was there in spirit. and love especially to my love, ivan. obviously. x

Feb 13

A Booth: Part 2

Here’s part one if you missed it. And here’s some more:

Jan 23

A booth: Part 1

Our dirty beautiful moustached friend Braden was at our wedding and he set up a pretty awesome photobooth in the library and whilst many most of the photos were way too amazing too inappropriate to post, some of them have made it through. The actual wedding photos won’t be up for a while, but here – look at how silly we are! More to come.

Jul 24

A special date for friends and family

The weekend was slow. We’re still suffering from the cost of furnishing our house and paying rent in the same month…but we take great delight in budgeting and finding ways to have fun that doesn’t cost a thing, so it was a pretty nice weekend.

We decided to record a wee video about our day at the market and then on Sunday night we managed to make a little story out of the footage and edit it into a save the date video for our wedding. I love it – it’s slow, relaxing and full of Mika – just like our Sundays usually are.

We can’t wait to have our friends and family join us in Seattle for a big week of partying and celebrating.

Ivan + Pamela :: Save the Date from Ivan Cruz on Vimeo.

Dec 19


So we just returned from 2 days in the most beautiful Mexican city I’ve ever seen. Perhaps I’ve only seen a handful of Mexican cities, most of which are probably better described as towns, and so this isn’t a good indication of the beauty I discovered. Perhaps a good way to describe this city is ‘like a little bit of Europe, perhaps Italy or maybe Spain, but in Mexico.’ But then I’ve never actually been to Italy or Spain so I’m not a good source to confirm the similarities, but I’m sure you get the idea.

Alamos is a teeny tiny little town compared to Obregon. The streets are cobbled and the buildings are colonial. Everywhere you turn you see archways, tiles, trees and flowers. The city is notably quite clean. It’s pleasant and quiet like you wouldn’t believe. After chatting to some Vancouver expats in our ‘favourite’ cafe, we learned that it is a town that takes holidays, celebrations and parties quite seriously and also that it is home to many writers and artists. The locals were incredibly friendly in a ‘oh, you should stay here, my friend owns this place’ and ‘oh you should eat there, my friend works there, it’s better than that other place’ and a ‘oh let me take you to see that place, my friend owns it’ sort of way. Complete strangers (well, hotel and cafe owners) would ask to hold Mika and I loved it.

If you’re ever in Alamos, visit Teresitas Bistro. You will not be disappointed.

The super exciting news is that we looked at a couple possible wedding venues! These places blew my mind, quite seriously. Little cabins with massive beds for quests, swimming pools, yoga centres, organic food gardens, horse riding, bird watching, big BBQ areas, oh it was beautiful and now I just can’t stop thinking about them.

In typical (awful) fashion, my camera battery died after the first day. So here is just a glimpse of Alamos.