Sep 18



Last weekend we stayed in a fancy house on Vashon island with some friends. First of all, it is SO awesome that we are so close to such gorgeous islands here in Seattle. We haven’t even been to all of them, but Vashon, Bainbridge, Orcas – all so close and so beautiful.


It was pretty much just 3 days of cute babies, great food, lots of coffee, a roller coaster of all things 4 year old, and some good old fashioned board game playin. So basically just like every weekend except in a MUCH nicer and bigger house than our own and right on the water.




Oh we also went to a sheepdog festival, which was just as exciting as it sounds. (Very exciting).







And Ivan and I talk about it all the time – life is just easier when you are living with/near other people. I am such a fan of the idea of living in a commune, or building houses with friends on a huge piece of land, or co-owning a huge house with friends or just planning to live on the same STREET as friends. And if that doesn’t work out, making sure that we make an effort with our neighbours makes such a huge difference to our quality of life, we’re lucky that we’ve ended up with some pretty great ones.

Mar 10

dear light

dear light (at the end of the tunnel), i’m coming for you. i can see you up ahead there and i will make it. this weekend i got out of bed and i cleaned my little heart out til i was sweating and it felt good to sweat from something other than fever or too many blankets. and i know i am still too sick to run or do much else, but i hung out with my yoga teacher friends for a few hours and pretended i was well and it felt good. and then i even made dinner and cleaned it all up myself and it has been a long time since i made dinner, or cleaned dishes, so that felt good too. i love the optimism that comes with the small taste of good health. health is funny like that – i notice that we can totally take it for granted until we don’t have it and then life is SHIT. so if you are reading this and you are healthy, do a little dance for yourself or go upside down or run around the block because WOOHOOO you are very lucky! sincerely, me.

Feb 25

a birthday party

This weekend we relied heavily on our friends to help us get ready to move house. Definitely the best part of the weekend was not sitting in traffic in the pouring rain trying to rush around to furniture stores, but rather the 2 hours spent watching these kiddos play and eat cake and celebrate the end of charlie’s third year.

Oct 22

lazy beautiful

Our weekend was lazy, ordinary and wonderful in its non-eventfulness. And now here are more pictures than you would probably care for, but i borrowed a camera from a friend and had a lot of fun.

[audiotube id=”EghjYfGtXTI” size=”medium”]

Jul 29

s’more summer please

friday night was family happy hour in the sun with friends, followed by fancy pizza and a late night bus ride home with my baby girl strapped to my chest.

saturday morning was early morning running, followed by cat feeding & plant watering and pancake eating on a friend’s balcony. we each read the new yorker and national geographic until we could barely stand the sun any longer then we made a poorly timed family visit to the zoo as all the animals seemed to be sleeping – except the snakes (mika’s favourite?!). yoga and work during nap-time, then a long walk to a BBQ in a gorgeous backyard with beautiful people.

sunday was for papa to sleep in. mika and i cuddled and danced and peed in the potty. when papa got up we walked through the farmer’s market nibbling on apricots and cherries. then i drank coconut tea and we headed home for naptime. another run and more yoga during naptime then guacamole making and showering before heading up the hill for our first taste of s’mores, toddler BFFs and new friends.

so much goodness.