dear light

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dear light (at the end of the tunnel), i’m coming for you. i can see you up ahead there and i will make it. this weekend i got out of bed and i cleaned my little heart out til i was sweating and it felt good to sweat from something other than fever or too many blankets. and i know …

a birthday party

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This weekend we relied heavily on our friends to help us get ready to move house. Definitely the best part of the weekend was not sitting in traffic in the pouring rain trying to rush around to furniture stores, but rather the 2 hours spent watching these kiddos play and eat cake and celebrate the end of charlie’s third year.

lazy beautiful

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Our weekend was lazy, ordinary and wonderful in its non-eventfulness. And now here are more pictures than you would probably care for, but i borrowed a camera from a friend and had a lot of fun.

a weekend with adele

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adele arrived at the beginning of the week and we’ve pretty much eaten our way through all of our favourite places in Seattle. so this weekend was full of berries and mexican food and pancakes and chocolate and movies and markets and scrabble and parks and ‘i can’t believe that it’s been an entire week’ and ‘must.stop.eating’ sorts of statements. …