Mar 06

Stuff We Cook

The things we make all the time. Not usually my own recipes, but links to what we love.

1/ The one pot pumpkin cabbage stew – We have been making this a LOT. The combination of the lemon and the cabbage and the black-eyed peas and the butternut squash and rice (!) just make this so fresh and hearty at the same time. I always add turmeric for color, taste and nutrition.

2/ Quick roasted brussels sprouts with coconut ginger sauce – I always make this with the crispy roasted tofu and some turmeric basmati rice and it is SO so good. Those brussels sprouts and I have totally patched things up from childhood.

3/ This warm roasted winter salad bowl is my go-to mishmash salad. Always with quinoa and kale and usually with roasted potatoes and another vegetable… maybe green beans or asparagus or butternut or brussels. With the mustard dressing it’s the perfect light but creamy combo.