May 24

Tighten Up Tuesday: INSANITY.

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I never ever thought that I would get excited about exercise DVDs.

Exercising? In my living room? But the living room is for being lazy and putting up my feet and cuddling on the couch! Not getting hot and sweaty and burning calories with Shaun T and his team of protein-shake sippin’ buddies.

I was wrong.

Exercising in my living room is awesome. Insanely awesome.

Now I understand how this industry got so huge. All of a sudden, my life isn’t about just my plans anymore. I can’t pop out to the gym when I feel like it. I can’t head out for a run whenever I like. Today I was meant to meet my coffee group for a walk in the park but Mika was having a bit of an unsettled day and so when she finally got to sleep, the last thing I wanted to do was wake her and put her in her car seat. Enter: Exercise DVD.

I didn’t really believe I could get hot and sweaty in front of my TV. But that’s because I’d never tried ‘Insanity‘. As the name so blatantly states: this DVD is insane.

Ivan and I got the whole 60 day challenge and we might just decide to do it. We took our ‘before’ photos (eek!) and we wrote down our weight and measurements before getting hot and freaky to Shaun T’s ‘Fitness Test’.

The idea is that you do this fitness test, followed by 2 weeks of insane DVD workouts. Then repeat fitness test. Then repeat 2 weeks. In total, it’s 60 days of insanity.


Benefits of exercising in my living room include:

  • Any time of day, at the moment I feel like it, or as soon as Mika’s asleep… it’s all go!
  • Anything goes in the clothing department. There are NO RULES in my living room 😛
  • I can make weird noises, huff and puff, sing and yell profanities at Shaun T.
  • A 45 minute workout is really a 45 minute workout. No driving time. It’s great.

I’ve heard great things about Insanity and so I’ll keep you posted every once in a while to see if we’re still on track. My legs are shaking from the fitness test today and I’ve already wolfed down a bowl of post-work-out-cereal (my own concoction). I’m so excited.

Oh and in 60 days we promise to share the before and after pics with y’all. (A bit of self-imposed pressure never hurts eh). And our stats!

(We’re suckers for their marketing…)

  • Red

    I um… I don’t think we can be friends anymore.

  • Ivan

    You’ve said that WAY too many times Red, it’s lost it’s power.. Fifa? 😛

  • Cousin Rachel

    :) We do TaeBo – Billy Blanks and Wii Fits Dance Marathon.. keeps things interesting..

    And yeah.. workin out at home… beats the gym anyday.

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