May 29

3 days in portland

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I met Noah in New York about 6 years ago. We spent three days together and then 3 years ago I spent 2 days with him in San Francisco and this weekend we spent 3 days together in Portland. So over the past 6 years we’ve spent 8 days together in 3 different cities. It’s so peculiar how I feel like I know him so well, even though I hardly know him at all. That’s a funny feeling right? It’s also crazy thinking that the first time we hung out, I was single. The second time, I was with Ivan. And now this last time, he got to meet beautiful Mika!

And we got to meet his beautiful girlfriend Frances and we slept in their beautiful home. We ate Morrocan and Thai and Mexican food. We played cribbage and lawn games and blew bubbles and drank beer and whisky. Portland does food very well, especially vegan food. We ate very early breakfasts here and here and here. I practiced yoga at this studio and this studio. We visited the rose gardens and Mika discovered at least 3 new Portland playgrounds as well as this cool kid-friendly cafe. We went crazy at Powell’s, which i never feel guilty about and now we need more bookcases.

  • Adele

    Fun! Can’t wait to hear about the Powell’s raid… x

  • mirari

    She’s so cute! I admire your organization for being able to practice yoga wherever you are!