Oct 22

A few Lessons & Pictures from NYC

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I arrived back from NY last night and this morning I noticed that the trees outside our house have lost their leaves. It’s very very cold and so I’m happy that I have Ivan to cuddle and foot duvets for my feet. (Not slippers – foot duvets. That’s right.)

10 things that New York City reminded me:

  1. Yoga cures all. Even straight from a 6 hour red-eye flight landing at 545am.
  2. Skype makes it feel like no time has passed, but nothing beats sitting face to face with a best friend.
  3. Running is my favourite way to explore a new city.
  4. Taking pictures with my iphone instead of my dslr makes me feel way less like a tourist.
  5. The more I talk, the less pictures I take.
  6. NYC has some great vegan friendly places to eat (like here, here and here).
  7. ‘In an artificial world,¬†only extremists live naturally’ –Paul Graham
  8. My baby girl seems so much older via skype.
  9. Old friends feel like home.
  10. Everything will be OK.

What I thought was a nice photo…totally ruined by the half naked man.