May 29

Feeling like a tourist.

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This photo was taken very early in the morning, almost exactly a week ago. We were still in Mexico, about to jump on the bus to start our journey.

And now we are in Seattle. We’ve been here a week but it still doesn’t feel real. We (very kindly) have a place to stay temporarily while we search for a home. It’s ridiculously exciting.

My Dad has been visiting for the last few days. It’s so nice to spend time with him and for Mika to get to know her Opa. Since he’s been here she’s mastered the sign language for ‘doggy’ and she pairs it with a very adorable ‘ROOROOROO’ every time she sees one. So cute.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of incredible food there is here. From markets, fresh produce, exotic spices and cheap organics to possibly better coffee than NZ and amazing vegan cafes & restaurants…we’re in heaven.

Our legs are sore. The first 4 days we walked many many kilometres every day – definitely one of my favourite things about being in a new city. We’ve been making the most of the lush green parks, playgrounds and afternoon sun – especially before Ivan starts work.

I have lots to say, but right now we’re making black bean and corn tacos for my Dad before he leaves tomorrow and then we have a very competitive final game of Catan to play.

Here’s our first week in pictures:

Exploring our new city on foot.

First haircut. Fastest $10 ever spent.

Assembling Mika’s first ever crib. (With Mika’s help).

Sunny early morning wake-ups.

Golden Gardens. I had no idea this existed in Seattle. I am so in love.

Fruit eating and playgrounds in the afternoon.

Hanging out with Opa and loving it. (She can even say ‘Opa!’)

Alki Beach in West Seattle. Another place I had no idea existed but am now extremely happy that I know about.

Vegan tamales and quesadillas from the Ballard Market. Super good.

Super grains for breakfast.

A sleeping beauty.

  • Natalia

    Better coffee than NZ?? Ged oudda here 😉 But really, why doesn’t Seattle get more press?? It looks so lovely! 
    And that photo of Mila the frog with her Opa is too precious x

  • Emilia_pena

    I think I mentioned this before, but  I think you need to contact Emily over at ….
    Why?  She is fairly new to Seattle,  vegan, stay at home mother of a a 7 months old and loves to walk and run like you do!!!

    Have fun in Seattle…