Nov 16

Wellington love

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So we return from Wellington a few kilos heavier (who can blame us?!), slightly more tanned, slightly more sleepy and ridiculously in-love because we are now officially engaged!

Ivan proposed to me in a little cottage by the ocean with the most beautiful coast line. Wild, beautiful, ferocious and free, just like our little family.

Why does marriage sound more grownup to me than having a baby? Maybe because we have our baby and it just feels so natural, I dunno. I know that being married will feel natural also, but now that we are officially engaged I just want to start planning our beautiful party with all our family and friends. I am so excited to have all the people I love in one city to celebrate our love for each other and our life together.

We had some family photos taken yesterday that I am excited to share with you, but in the meantime here’s an overwhelming number of photos from our trip to Wellington. It was the most wonderful trip: from the 12 hour train ride with our dream baby, our downtown apartment with the most amazing bath, long walks, silly photo shoots, best friends, ginormous brunches and delicious dinners, free bottles of wine, dancing til early morning and sweating in a hot yoga room to quiet peaceful cottages, BBQs, coastal walks, mountain hiking, beautiful photo shoots, games of hearts and cribbage and perfect quiet moments with my best friend and husband to be. We’ll never forget this trip.

  • Josh

    Hi there,

    So glad you enjoyed Wellington! Whereabouts was the house where you got engaged? Congratulations


  • Jhoan Orpinela.

    ouuu! congrats guys! can’t wait to see you all soon! luvyu all! xoxo.

  • Pamela

    Hey Josh, thanks! The house was in Breaker Bay… number 170 Breaker Bay road. So beautiful!!!! :)

  • Adele

    Mika is getting so BIG!! Soooooo happy for you guys hun – looking forward to hearing more about it on Skype tonight xxxxxx

  • Cousin Rachel

    Congrats! I hope to meet your beautiful family someday!

  • Em

    Gorgeous photos Pam and such great news! Congratulations to you both. xxx

  • Joss

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Congratulations, so happy for you guys and looking forward to celebrating on Sunday! We will miss you when you head off on your adventures :(

  • Kylie

    Omg omg omg the photo of Mika giving you the stink eye is PERFECT hahahahaha

  • Anthea

    Congratulations! And I hope you had a great park day today.
    In these photos, Mika’s hair looks lighter – more like her mum! Xx

  • Sam


    Beautiful photos. This post made my heart leap in the air!

    Love from across the sea!