16 months

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So Mika’s 15 month post just never happened. It feels like she is growing older at ridiculous speed, but I still want to keep writing these posts so I can look back and really remember what it was like to have a 16 month old toddler. So let’s pick up from now…

Dearest Mika,

I swear that every morning I wake up, you’re a little more clued in to what’s going on. I feel like one morning soon I’ll wake up to you reading the paper or something.

I guess the main thing that has changed since your 14 month checkin is that you are now completely upright. No more crawling! You can walk, you can jog, you can twirl and you can dance. You even like to push your own stroller on occasion. Needless to say, this has changed our daily activities – more playgrounds and wading parks, zoo trips and farmer’s market strolling.

You’ve taken us by surprise by starting to tell us when you need to go toilet. At first we didn’t understand (you say ‘baaaaaby’ because there is a picture of a baby on your diaper box), but now we get it and we still don’t quite know what to do. I think we’ll probably read a book or two and then decide how to tackle it. I thought toilet training was so far away!

You are so eager to learn. You copy new signs and watch us with such intensity to make sure you are getting it right. You can make signs for dog, cat, bear, food, more, please, bath, bus, car and finished.
You speak at a phenomenal rate but we have no idea what you’re saying except for the very clear ‘yup’, no, hi, bu-bye, agua, bebe, & papa. Everything else is still your own language!

Meal times are all you now. Your hand-eye coordination is amazing and you make sure you get every last drop of your oatmeal.

People are always amazed at how social you are. You’ll say hello to every child on the playground, you’ll take a 5 year old’s hand and let her lead you around the park, you love to sit and watch the big kids and you have no fear when it comes to dogs. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to teach you to be weary of people and dogs, but for now I think it’s gorgeous that you are so bold and brave.

When your papa gets home from work, and you’re tucked up in bed, we sit down and I tell him all about our adventures. I show him pictures and video from the day and he relishes every drop.

You and I are figuring things out together. We visit parks, beaches and wading pools. We ride the bus and we walk everywhere. We have spanish group on Mondays and sometimes we go to the library for story time. Sometimes I even run around the lake and you sit so peacefully in your stroller and call out to all the dogs that we pass. When we go to the supermarket you get a free piece of fruit and you devour it with such passion.

Baby girl you rock our world so big. (Lack of sleep lately, due to a certain someone, has made my vocabulary as bad as like, whatever).


  • Anonymous

    It is so amazing how much they learn everyday, it is easy to forget how much these little sponges are soaking in! It’s so fun watching them figure things out. Your have a beautiful little girl. Just stumbled upon your blog! Karen.

    • Pamela

      It IS amazing! I can’t believe it sometimes. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi :)