Nov 05

19 months

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The words you say: Papa, mama, agua, bebe, car, carro, no, ball, arbol, sky, bubbles, plane, yellow, thank you, gracias, bike, apple, banana

The sounds you make: rooroo (dog), meow (cat), nomnom (squirrel), moooo (cow), neeeigh (horse), tsttst (rabbit), rahhh (tiger/lion), ah ah ah (monkey), beeeeepbeeeep (car)

The things you can sign: more/mas, please/por favor, thank you/gracias, banana, ball/pelota, book/libro

You can point out almost all your body parts.

You understand: simple instructions like ‘go put this in the rubbish bin’, ‘go get a book’, ‘can i have a kiss please?’, ‘abrazo! (hug)’ and so, so much more.

Things that make us think you’re pretty much a genius:

  • The way you take your own diaper off, take it to the rubbish bin, put it away, climb up on the toilet seat to reach the basin and wash your hands with soap and then dry them with the towel. I mean, come on!
  • The way you try so hard to climb up and down stairs without using your hands
  • Your ball skills. You can throw, kick and roll.
  • The speed at which you run. It astonishes people. It doesn’t look like it should be possible. Your little legs move so quickly!
  • When we get home from being out, you take off your little shoes one by one and put them in the closet next to ours.
  • When you see a mess on the floor, you’ll pick up the little pieces and take them one by one to the rubbish bin in the kitchen.
  • The way you tell us when you need to go toilet. (We’re scared to potty train you. I mean, it’s gonna happen, you won’t be in diapers when you’re 20, but we’re in no hurry.)

Your favourite things:

Books. Always books. You will tell us which order you’d like your books read to you in, and they must be read in order.

Your little toy animals.

Dogs and cats and squirrels.


The swings at the playground.

The foods you love:


Moroccan stew.

Bread sticks.

Things we don’t want to forget:

  • The way you call anyone wearing a bike helmet ‘papa’
  • The way you run to find me after your bath, naked and clean and warm and you leap into my arms and give me a huge hug
  • The way you squeal when we tickle you. The way you laugh randomly when we say something that you find funny (like ‘oops’ or ‘woops’ or ‘goat’)
  • The way you love the water running on your back as your bath fills up.
  • The pitter patter of your tiny feet as you chase your papa down the hallway playing hide and seek when he gets home.
  • When it nears 6pm, any sound that you hear from outside you turn to me and ask sweetly ‘papa?’

  • Hannah Truly

    She is the cutest little thing ever, prettiest little face. I must come meet her again before I go home. Ahh, too cute, I need to get me one of those.

    • Pamela Minett

      Yes you do! and yeah, we think she’s pretty cute. xx

  • Rocio Gonzalez anidos

    preciosa, felices 19 meses!

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