Nov 23

overseas commute

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Auckland (as everyone kept pointing out) is real similar to Vancouver, the main difference I found was that in Auckland you NEED a car and public transport is so expensive that it’s cheaper to own a car and drive than to commute everyday.

I’m really interested in what the factors for a city to either have a great public transport (Translink in Vancouver) or a below-average one (MAXX Auckland) given that both companies are government operated.

Also the lack of bike lanes and the high-traffic made cycling definitively different; one thing that drives me crazy are cars that don’t go around you and stay really close behind, I find myself pushing my body harder in order to keep a good speed fearing that if I don’t that car is going to run me over.

  • Kara

    I actually found Auckland Transit pretty good. (mind you that was north shore to downtown mostly) I like the fact that you don’t need exact change. The only thing I didn’t think was as good as Vancouver was the bus times are never accurate. :-)

    Ps.. hope all is well with you guys.