Nov 10

wifi in auckland sucks

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finding amazing coffee easily

  • Vancouver: 0
  • Auckland: 1

finding free wifi in cafes easily

  • Vancouver: 1
  • Auckland: 0

yesterday we went to roasted addiction in kingsland because we heard they had free wifi.  well, they do.  BUT it’s 20MB of wifi with each purchase.  20MB last about an hour.  not cool auckland, not cool.

  • Tess

    there was a place i went to on a walk home from st lukes to reds house. I dont remember the name of it, or where it was i feel like it might have started with an A. It had free wifi. and no limit that I was aware of.
    In wellington there is NOWHERE. not even at the library. grrr

  • Tess

    it was called orca or ocra i think.