Dec 26

xmas magic 2013

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i went to have a shower at 530pm on christmas eve and when i got out, mika was fast asleep on the couch. ivan said that he had tried to keep her awake by offering her an early christmas present but she said ‘oh papi, maybe later’ and closed her eyes.

so ivan and i had christmas eve dinner (this) together in the quiet of our little home. then we watched some home alone and finished wrapping some gifts before sleep.

in the (early) morning i heard mika creep to our door like she usually does. she never says anything, she just stands there waiting for us to wake up (creepy, i know). but on this particular morning she must have been lured by the glow of the christmas tree because i heard her little footsteps continue past our open door and her audible gasp at the sight of the tree. she paused (contemplating) and then tiptoed back to our room and quietly closed our door before running back to the living room!

it’s weird to be the adult at christmas time, creating the magic for mika – i feel like a part of me still wants to be the child and to have the magic created for ME. i remember being little and feeling the excitement and anticipation on christmas eve and last night was the first time ever that it’s been MY responsibilty. of course it is a different sort of magic and anticipation to be the adult, to watch mika experience everything for the first time and to know how special it all feels. but i’m just not entirely used to that yet.

anyway. we had a very beautiful christmas morning. there were presents and a stocking and we went to our friend’s house for more presents and coffee and a nice big brunch. then we went for a walk and listened to the ocean and watched the river and smelt all the smells and saw orca whales!

and then mika fell asleep again very early and ivan and i ate christmas dinner together.

and here are many photos of our christmas outing (after the presents and the brunch).

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  • mirari

    we imagine that she would fall asleep soon so we snack instead of dinner 😉

  • Tereza

    thanks for sharing —
    those are beautiful photos and great to see how you spent the holidays. love and miss you guys lots. kisses. maria