Jan 16

Mika Climbs the Stairs

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I had to share this. She’s just way too adorable.

  • Anonymous

    hahahahahaha OH WOW I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! she even has a little pant at the top step cos shes battled her butt off getting up there-what a little charger!!!!!

  • http://www.tresordejour.com/ Courtney Herbert

    Hahaha that is soo freakin cute!  I love how she drags herself around at the end. So cute!

  • Erica Edwards

    She is soooo cute!! Love her little crawl/drag, my cousin did the same thing! Also – Is she speaking spanish?

    • http://shiftsave.com Ivan Cruz

      Ha! I wish but she will very soon, she babbles like crazy all day long.

  • Kathryn

    sooooo cute Pam!!! what a little darling hope you guys are well xxxxx

  • Joss

    Awwwwwwwwwwww! That has made me miss you guys!!! My favourite thing is the little noises she makes and the patting of the floor at the top. Cracks me up because Finn has the same sound effects (although not stair climbing yet!)….

  • Ingrid

    It’s a good thing I’m on holiday this week, because I can just sit and watch this over and over again. She is sooo adorable. I just compared it to her 9 week video. Wow how quickly they grow up. I miss her (and you and Ivan too). xxx 

    • http://shiftsave.com Ivan Cruz

      She is so big! Her belly is massive!