Oct 10

Diggin and climbing

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When you are stuck in a hole, stop digging.

It’s been a tough week. One of those weeks where I haven’t felt ‘on the right path’. Avoiding difficult conversations, reaching for a handful of chocolate chips before lunch (?!), avoiding my vegetables, comparing myself to others, critisizing myself harshly, etc etc. On top of this (or because of this?) both Mika and I came down with a miserable flu which meant that I also didn’t exercise for 3 days, but I wasn’t sick enough to not eat – rather I was the sort of sick that saw me asking Ivan to pick up Thai food on his way home cause i’m ‘too sick to cook’ and then him being extra nice and bringing me licorice allsorts for my ‘sick person treat’. WHO ARE WE?!

I sat on my mat but i didn’t flow for three days. Instead I just read my ‘meditations from the mat’ book that has pretty much been my bible for the past few months – searching for answers? I feel that as long as I continue to read and meditate and inquire, I will find my way.

And today i woke up and the sun was shining and my headache was gone. ivan left for work and mika was still sleeping and i read and meditated and decided to stop digging. it is time to start climbing. And then Mika woke up and said ‘mami, yesterday i was sick in my big girl bed and it went evvvvverywhere but today i am ALL BETTER!’ and i said ‘that’s so great! would you like to sit in your stroller so I can go for a run on this glorious fall day?’ and she said yes.

So I ran 3 miles and she chatted to me the whole way. The last time i ran with mika was probably when she was just over 1. Now it’s practically like having a running buddy, except my other running buddies and i would never have conversations like this:

‘mami why are you running?’
*huff puff* ‘exercise’
‘but why?’
*hufffff pufffff* ‘to…feel….good’ *huff puff*

‘why are you running?’
‘why do you think?’
‘to feel good?’
‘oh. bravo mami!!!!’
heart melts. *hufff pufff*

And then we went to the zoo together and we spent a long time with the snakes and the bugs which are apparently her favourite. There were no goats out for patting but that didn’t matter cause all she really wanted to do was wash her hands anyway. did you guys know that washing hands is so much fun?

Then we grabbed a coffee together and sat in a park and mika played with our empty cups for about 45 minutes making me different flavors of tea in the sandbox. There were a group of teenage girls in the park, wearing skimpy clothing and taking group self photos in various poses and talking about the sort of crazy things that only 16 year old girls find important. Mika and I watched them for a little while and then she turned to me and said ‘tea mami?’ and handed me the cup full of sand and I almost burst into tears at how gorgeous and innocent she seemed, especially contrasted with the teenage girls in the park and my heart jumped into my throat for a moment as i realised the terrifying inevitability of time.

“The moment I fall off the moderation wagon, my mind becomes consumed by the fact that I am no longer living up to my potential. My mind fills with obsessive concern; I know all too well the ways I am self-sabotaging. My heart yearns for peace. Then I wake up one morning and find that I have made a decision. I am ready to let go of whatever it is that’s consuming me. I am ready to reestablish brahmacarya in my life. I am ready to follow my heart. I am ready to listen to the wind of my soul.” Day 38, Meditations from the Mat

  • Rachel Morris

    I love reading your blog- I always get excited when I see a new post! I share your love for yoga and love to see how you raise Mika- you do such a great job!

  • Ingrid

    Beautifully written post x